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Elena Yastrebova
Head of New Survey Department
78 Profsoyuznaya St, Moscow,
117393, Russia

Dear Ms Yastrebova:

Subject: Survey for Toyota Motor Europe

Thank you very much for co-operation on the survey in subject. Let me give you some feedback from our side.

The overall objective of the survey has been successfully achieved. During initial discussions on Toyota Motor Europe's (TME) expectations, RBC demonstrated open-mindedness and patience, took time to understand the root objectives without trying to impose its own point of view on the matter. Once the objectives set, RBC made a preliminary check on the feasibility of the survey, before signing the contract, as the consultant wanted to be sure of the quality of the outcome. That approach contributed to objective achievement.

The survey was conducted within the agreed tinning and budget. RBC specialists demonstrated excellent knowledge of Russian automotive industry, professionalism in business relationships, high level of devotion, good communication skills, capability to adapt the course of action depending on intermediate outcomes.

We wish your company success and good luck in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Marcel Rudic

22 July, 2004

Alexey Goncharenko
ZAO RosBusinessConsulting
117393, Moscow, Russia,
Profsoyuznaya Street, 78-1

Dear Alexey:

I am writing to you to express our gratitude and satisfaction with the results of your analysis of the most popular electronic banking systems in Russia.

This comparison of the leading solutions helped us to identify our competitive market position. The detailed information collected in the analytical survey conducted by RosBusinessConsulting enabled our design experts to consider future system enhancements.

The whole scope of the research was done on time and within the budget. Also, tasks that were agreed to be done on a best effort basis, were successfully accomplished with no added cost.

I would like to thank you for your flexible, pro-active and customer-focused approach. On couple of occasions when we asked your company to provide additional data or perform a task that has not been requested, or included in the initial agreement, RBC kindly agreed to do so, and we are very grateful to you for that.

We are very pleased with the experience we had with RosBusinessConsulting. On behalf of Citigroup, let me say thank you to you and the team who worked hard on this project.

Dmitry Simakov
eBanking Direction,
Citigroup Global Transaction Services,
Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Citigroup Centre 2, Canada Square 25, Canary Wharf,
London El4 5LB, United Kingdom

Исх. № НС/0376 от 19.05 2008 г.

Уважаемые коллеги,

От лица Издательского Дома «Нефтегазовая Вертикаль» благодарю Вас за отлично выполненную работу по подготовке исследования «Рынок специализированных изданий по нефтегазовой отрасли». Обращаясь именно к Вам, мы были уверены в профессиональном и объективном подходе к исследуемым вопросам.

Рады, что не ошиблись в выборе партнера. Спасибо, всегда приятно работать с профессионалами.

С уважением,
Никитин Сергей
Заместитель генерального директора
Журнал «Нефтегазовая Вертикаль»

Журнал «Нефтегазовая Вертикаль»
121359. г Москва, ул. Профсоюзная, д. 124
Тел./факс: (495) 510-57-24; Email sergey@ngv.ru

Начальнику отдела исследований рынков
Департамент консалтинга
ЗАО «РосБизнесКонсалтинг»
Елене Ястребовой

Уважаемая госпожа Ястребова!

Настоящим выражаем Вам и Вашим коллегам благодарность за подготовку маркетингового исследования «Рынок хлористого калия в России в 2007-2009 гг.». Маркетинговое исследование было подготовлено на высоком уровне, несмотря на установленные сжатые сроки подготовки. Особо отмечаем глубину проведенного исследования, а также соответствие результатов поставленным задачам.

Надеемся на продолжение плодотворного сотрудничества.

А.В. Денисенко

С уважением,

Начальник управления правового
обеспечения стратегических проектов

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